The University of Valencia and the company Würth Elektronik eiSos have created an institutional Chair or Cátedra to promote education and research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) focused on low frequencies problems in Smart Grids field. The collaboration agreement between both institutions was signed by Principal Esteban Morcillo and by Oliver Konz and Thomas Schrott, CEOs of the German company manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry.

One of the key objectives of the new institutional chair for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in smart grids is to encourage both research into this technology and its practical application. Its activities by the Design of Digital Systems and Communications Research Group (DSDC), affiliated to the Department of Electronic Engineering of the School of Engineering of the University of Valencia (ETSE-UV).

Furthermore, within the activities of the Cátedra promotes the developing of PhDs and Master and Degree Final Projects, seminars and courses on EMC topics, and attendance to international Conferences. Every year, the company propose some projects to offer several internships in the Cátedra Laboratory and Würth Elektronik headquarter. These tasks are managed by the Cátedra Director José Torres, Professor of the University of Valencia, and Jorge Victoria, Product Manager of EMC components in the German company.