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Last 25th April the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV) held the EMC Seminar EMC: Selection of Components and Materials within the activities of the Cátedra EMC, the collaboration between the company Würth Elektronik eiSos and the University of Valencia.

Seminario WE 2018

This seminar was organized by Würth Elektronik Spain and Cátedra EMC and was taught by Juan Miguel del Pino as a Field Applications Engineer and Adrián Suárez as a Research Engineer    respectively.

Over 25 attendees from the most important tech companies of Valencia and several Research Groups of the University of Valencia could receive information on several interesting topics such as:

Design of passive components focused on Electromagnetic Compatibility

-          Materials: characteristics, differences, frequency range and temperature effect.

-          Ferrites: Specs and parameters. Selection of the sitable ferrite.

-          Common-Mode-Chokes: Specs and parameters. Selection of the suitable CMC.

-          Power Inductors: Specs and parameters. Simulation of losses and temperature increase in DC/DC converters.

-          REDEXPERT

Magnetic Shielding

-          Solutions: Characterization of Flexible Absorber Sheets (WE-FAS) and Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheets (WE-FSFS).

Demonstrations: Measurement of absorption ability to filter electromagnetic noise with WE-FAS with an EMC Scanner. Solving problems due to close metal planes with WE-FSFS in RFID communication.

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