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Internship stage at WE headquarter of two students of the University of Valencia

Two Student Research Assistants of the Cátedra EMC, created by Würth Elektronik eiSos and the Universitat de València, were doing an internship stage during the summer at Waldenburg WE headquarter. They were carrying out the characterization of Shielding Components, an update of Common Mode Chokes data and the development of a new measurement technique to acquire interesting parameters from the products of Würth Elektronik.

Among the tasks, the Student Research Assistants, Antonio Alcarria Moraga (student of the Master of Engineer Telecommunications) and Victor Martinez Garcia (student of Engineer Telematics), did different tasks such as supporting the measurement of different kinds of filters of WE, a parameters update of Common Mode Chokes, the development of a new setup to obtain theoretically and experimentally the electrical proprieties for characterizing different Common Mode Chokes, Cable Ferrites… Furthermore, they participated in the design of a new version of a Near Field Probe and the development of a new measurement system to determine and measure parameters such as S-Parameters, Insertion Loss, Absorption and Permeability, based on several Electromagnetic Compatibility reports.