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ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC – VALENCIA – MAY 2016

One of our Würth Elektronik – EMC Cátedra researchers participated in the ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC that was held here in Valencia last 23th, 24th and 25th May. This event has been organized by IEEE EMC Spain Chapter and ESA and it has been a good opportunity for networking with professionals from industry and academia.

Over 150 attendants could discuss about the topics such as Measurement Techniques and Test methods, EM Environment and EMI Effects, EMI Analyses and Predictions, EMC Control, Management and Standardization, EMC of Communication and Data Systems and Magnetic cleanliness.

The contribution that the Cátedra has presented in this Workshop is Characterization of Electromagnetic Noise Suppression Sheet and it was showed through a poster presentation in the Poster Session 1 within the topic Measurement techniques and test methods. This work proposes three experimental procedures in order to characterize the Electromagnetic Noise Suppression Sheets (NSS). These set ups make it possible to evaluate several types of absorber sheets in different kind of applications taking into account their permeability and other factors such as dimension, geometry, thickness or noise source kind.

The experimental methods presented in this contribution highlighted characterization of these absorber materials in applications with transmission line issues, cavity resonance problems and electromagnetic interferences between PCBs. Likewise, the conclusions presented in the poster presentation were focused on:

- The possibility to evaluate between several material compositions, thickness, sizes and shapes to choose the best solution.

- Experimental methods allow the designer characterize the real performance material in a certain application.

- NSS provide an innovative solution without redesigning the electronic circuit.

Many attendants showed interest in these materials and asked several questions about their performance and characteristics (more info about this publication).