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EMC Demonstrations and Experiments – International IEEE EMC Symposium 2015

Joint IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMC Europe is the most important event related to EMC field. The last edition was held in Dresden 2015 for a week (16th -22th August). It was an amazing opportunity for attending a lot of tutorials, presentations and visiting EMC companies’ stands.

EMC Dresden 1

The Würth Elektronik – EMC Cátedra participated in the EMC Demonstrations and Experiments through two experiments: Wireless Power with Magnetic Shielding and Radiated Emissions of Cables through Shielded Enclosure Seams and Effect of Time Rise/Fall on Clock Signals.

EMC Dresden 2

The Wireless  Power  experiment was focused on how the  integration  of  magnetic  coupled  technologies  into  integrated  electronic  circuitry  can  involve  a number  of  undesired  effects,  caused  by  hysteresis  and  eddy  currents  internal  to  the  magnetic material, which would reduce effectiveness and greater losses.  This experiment showed how to measure this effect and a means of reducing these losses with Electromagnetic Noise Suppression Sheets an innovative material which also allows to improve the efficiency of power transfers.

The objective of the second demonstration was to generate EMC problems inside a metal enclosure and its external cable, to measure them and try to reduce these issues by trying several solutions. The presented solutions were based on: conductive gaskets to keep emissions inside the enclosure without generating slot antenna, DB9 connector filter to reduce fast signal edge times and snap ferrites to absorb the radiation that could emit external cables due to common mode noise.