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Characterization of Flexible Absorber Sheets with an EMC Scanner System – SAAEI 17


Conference: Seminario Anual de Automática, Electrónica Industrial e Instrumentación (Annual Seminar of Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation) - Valencia (Spain) – July 2017

Authors: A. Suarez, J. Victoria, A. Alcarria, J. Torres, P.A. Martínez, J. Soret, J. Martos, R. García-Olcina, V. Martínez, I. Mialdea

Abstract: The use of high-frequency switching and low-voltage signals along with the reduction of electronic designs size has become a major problem in terms of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). A solution to reduce or suppress these kinds of emissions that may cause complex EMI problems is based on flexible absorber. Thereby, in order to evaluate the performance of this product, it is introduced a new EMC and EMI diagnostic and testing tool in this contribution: EMSCAN EHX. This is a scanner which achieves quick tests and a real-time view of the radiated emissions, making easy to find out EMI problems and test different solutions. This can be carried out on the lab-bench without resorting to an anechoic chamber or large antennas. Therefore, flexible absorber sheets are evaluated through measuring with the EMSCAN the ability that they have to attenuate electromagnetic noise.


Figure 1. Radiated emissions reference of the serpentine antenna. Spatial radiated emissions diagram without (above) and with (bellow) Flexible Absorber Sheet placed.

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