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Characterization of Electromagnetic Noise Suppression Sheet – EMC Aerospace 2016


Conference: ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC – Valencia (Spain) – May 2016

Authors: A. Suarez, J. Victoria, A. Alcarria, J. Torres

Abstract: Electromagnetic noise suppression sheets based on absorber materials can be an interesting solution to reduce or suppress noise emissions at a high-frequency region that may cause complex EMI problems. These materials usually are characterized by their permeability but their performance also depend on other factors such as dimension, geometry, thickness or noise source kind. Three experimental methods are proposed in order to characterize absorber sheets in different kind of applications taking into account the last factors. These setups make it possible to test several samples with different characteristics and to analyse the absorption capacity in applications with transmission line problems, cavity resonance and coupling between electronic circuits placed one on top of the other.


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