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Catedra EMC publishes a paper about characterization of cable ferrites at low frequencies

Catedra EMC has published its first Research Article related to characterize EMC components at low frequencies. The article is titled Characterization of Different Cable Ferrite Materials to Reduce the Electromagnetic Noise in the 2–150 kHz Frequency Range and it has been published in Materials. This journal is indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR).


This publication reflects the work carried out in recent months both Professors and Researchers of the University of Valencia and Engineers of the company Würth Elektronik. Thereby, one of the main Catedra foundation, the Research, has been put into practice because from the University and Würth Elektronik intend to support the characterization and study of new solutions based on filtering electromagnetic noise.

This article is focused on charactering cable ferrites in the 2-150 kHz frequency range. This frequency spectral is very important because it is increasingly used by a large number of electronic devices, for instance, those which are intended to convert the traditional electrical grid into a Smart Grid. Accordingly, the study and characterization of a cable ferrite based on nanocrystalline, a new material which is analyzed in order to determine its performance to filter low frequency electromagnetic interferences. Likewise, this material has been compared to the most used cable ferrites compositions such as MnZn and NiZn. The results obtained show the suitability of nanocrystalline material to reduce and attenuate the electromagnetic interferences at low frequencies. Furthermore, this contribution leaves a research line open in which the performance of these materials at higher frequencies is analyzed.

Because of the Materials Journal is Open Access, the complete article can be consulted through the next link: http://www.mdpi.com/1996-1944/11/2/174/